Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How much space is needed for the ponies?
If they are hand led they can be led anywhere on sidewalks, roads, back yards or greenbelts. No gravel or asphalt.
If the ponies are on the sweep the area needed is about 24 foot round and needs to be on a flat level surface.  No gravel or asphalt. 

What is needed for the ponies?
Nothing except riders.  The ponies are usually saddled and ready to go when we get there.

Can we paint the ponies?
No but we can paint the ponies.  We have ponies we can paint blue, pink, purple, orange or even yellow.  We also have one pony that will let us paint him rainbow.  Because the rainbow pony has to be painted several different colors I am limited to just the one pony as he is the only one who will stand long enough to let us do the different colors.  

Petting Zoo

How much space is needed?
Approximately a 20 by 20 foot area.  Easy access to for the truck and trailer to be able to pull up and set the fencing up so we can let the animals out.  We guarantee between 15 to 20 farm animals. WE DO NOT OFFER BACKYARD SETUP ANYMORE.​ 

What is needed for the petting zoo?
Access to water for the animals.  If we are setting up on anything other than grass we need to know so shavings can be brought.

Can the animals be fed?
Yes, however we do not provide feed.  You can feed them grass, hay, corn, fruit and veggies.  

How much space is needed for the truck and trailer?
The trucks are all Ford F350's, the trailer will be either a 4 horse or 3 horse trailer.  The best way to explain would be the space needs to be about 5 car lengths.

Where does the truck and trailer need to park?
For either the petting zoo or the ponies we need to be near the animals at all times. If there is any kind of an emergency easy access to the trailer to load is a necessity.

Who cleans up?​ 
We clean up as much as we can when the animals go to the bathroom.  We try to clean up as they go to the bathroom but sometimes we have to wait until we can get to it.  If shavings are used we try to get as much as possible up but it may take a water hose to wash the area down.