Make a Child's Dream Come True with Pony Rides or a Petting Zoo
Make a Child's Dream come true with pony rides or a petting zoo when you give them the birthday party of their dreams. Make a childs dream come true with pony rides or petting zoo when there is an event where ponies or farm animals are around. Make a childs dream come true with pony rides and watch their eyes light up as they are touching the pony while riding as they are exclaiming "Look at me I can ride!" It's fun to make a childs dream come true with pony rides or a petting zoo and we can help.

The ponies and our petting zoo animals are very children friendly and are an excellent compliment to any school event. Call 281-356-4914 for special pricing availability. We come to your home, church, or park where the ponies or petting zoo are permitted by law. The ponies are lead by hand. We offer well groomed and healthy animals. We bring 2 ponies for the Birthday party special because we feel the guest of honor is the one who likes ponies and will want to ride most if not all of the time. Now we offer a petting zoo of farm animals like chickens, ducks, goats, pigs, sheep and donkeys to help complement any event or party.

The ponies or the petting zoo will come to day care centers for reasonable rates the children or center can afford. Please contact us at 281-356-4914 for availability and rate. All Birthday party prices are based on a 30 mile radius. Your location may be subject to a higher rate. Also these are ponies not horses so no one over 18 is allowed to ride.
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